Claire Hewitt-Demeyer, snowboarder from California.


When did you start snowboarding? I started snowboarding in 1996 when I was ten years old at Aspen Buttermilk. 


What was your first trick that got you stoked about processing? I didn't learn any tricks in the park until my junior year of high school.  The day I learned how to boardslide a box was the day I realized the potential of snowboarding, and how much I could progress in the sport.


What makes you passionate about snowboarding? As I get older I am starting to explore the backcountry more. Working for your turn and truly embracing the outdoors is what makes me passionate about snowboarding.  Being on the mountain on a sunny day doing park laps with your friends is fun, but when you reach the summit of a peak that you have been looking at for 2 hours only to make a few turns on untouched terrain is what makes me really love the sport of snowboarding. 


What inspires you? What inspires me the most is to be outside in nature with my board.  Best feeling in the world is when you reach the summit of a peak you have been looking at for weeks and  finally getting fresh tracks down a untracked bowl with your friends.  


Who do you look up to in life and in snowboarding?  A couple of people I look up to, My friend Chris Prevel is a Tahoe Local this man does not know how to sit down.  Everyday he is pushing the limits weather it be climbing a mountain to get some turns, biking,  or rock climbing he has always knows how to enjoy the outdoors in the most extreme way. At times he is my inspiration to push myself.  A person I look up to in the industry is Kimmy Fanasi, she is a Female pro rider who is always out exploring new terrain and killing it on her board. She has also landed the one trick I hope to land sometime soon.


What do you hope to accomplish with your talent? I hope to progress more every time I am on my board, and to inspire more females  to start snowboarding! Being on the Shredbetties team will hopefully reach out to all of those ladies out there! 


 What goals do you have in life and in snowboarding?  My main goal for snowboarding this year is to land a double backflip, however unless Tahoe gets some snow I may have to wait till next year :(


 What tricks are you working on? Double backflip.


What do you hope to gain by being apart of our Nguyen Sound family? I hope to expand the company and get the name out. I hope that soon all of my friends and family members will be rocking a pair!  I will show that these headphone are not just for shredding and being on my board, but they are amazing for working out,  and hiking as well!