Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil

When did you start training for MMA?- I started my training after seeing the first season of the ultimate fighter back in 05. Coming out of high school I was absolutely sure I was going to get into professional wrestling but seeing the ultimate fighter changed my direction completely.


What was your first fight that go you stoked about progressing?- It's hard to pinpoint one fight honestly. I have had so many big progression fights throughout my career which have been eye openers. I'm the type of guy who is always in the gym and working hard toward progressing.


What makes you passionate about fighting?- What makes me passionate is the want and desire to be the best. The best person and fighter I can possibly be. A lot of team sports you can have the best game of your career and still lose but with fighting the wins and loses are on you within the cage. It's the ultimate test of yourself.


What inspires you?- What inspires me is to be the best. I'm not ok with being ok in this sport. I want to fight the best possible fighters and show I am talented.


Who do you look up to in life and in mma?- Honestly, I'm not the type of guy who has heroes in life. I want to make myself proud and be my own hero by doing so. I'm my own biggest critic.


What do you hope to accomplish with your talent?- Ultimately I plan to get back into the UFC and show all of my improvements. Show I can be a force and a contender within their company. After this career is over I'll look toward opening my own gym and continue to work toward making people grow!


What goals do you have in life and in MMA?- My biggest goals right now are to continue winning with finishes as I make my way back to the UFC. I want to get my black belt in BJJ. And eventually open my own gym.


Any special moves or training exercises that you are working on?- I'm constantly working toward being as functional and muscular as possible within my weight class. So I'm definitely working on being hunky. And constantly working toward my finishing skills with my fights whether it's on the feet or on the ground.


What do you hope to gain by being apart of our Nguyen Sound family?- I'm hoping to gain continued support as well as being able to rock so sweet headphones. It will be cool to be with a company and really getting to watch them grow as I continue to grow as well