Anyone that snowboards would not be where they are with out Noah Salasnek, so show your respect and love!


Noah Salasnek is a legendary snowboarder and skateboarder who's fluid style has inspired riders all across the world. He is humble and has never lost his unique sense of humor, even to this day. Noah is currently fighting cancer. Although he has health insurance, he is acquiring many bills he can not afford. He has no family and no one to turn to but his friends and the general public to help him through these tough times. We are  getting him the best medical care possible and making sure he is comfortable. He is currently in Lake Tahoe where he can be with his friends and focus on healing. Anything you can do to help would mean a lot to Noah.

With love and respect-
Mike McEntire, Dave & Melinda Hatchett, Mike Hatchett, Chris Roach, Monty Roach, Aaron & Lory Vincent


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Huge THANK YOU to:

Mike McEntire, Dave & Melinda Hatchett, Mike Hatchett, Chris & Monty Roach, Aaron & Lory Vincent,

As well as everyone at Transworld Snowboarding

and all that were envolved and have already 

donated to this cause!


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Legendary Snowboarder

Fights Cancer & Will Nguyen

I can only help and donate so much!

Now it's your turn!

I Kiet Nguyen is dedicating 100% of profits from Nguyen Sound headphone sales to helping

Noah Salasnek in his recovery.

As of Saturday May 7 - 2016

I have 200 units of headphones in my parents' garage. Order your pair 

and show your love for a snowboarding legend. 

This includes any sales to retailers and individual customers. I will ship out each pair individually myself!